Meeting the Goals Head On
Buyer Talent Solutions, a Boston-based strategic recruitment marketing and communications agency, tackled the challenge by first establishing PR Management’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP), a contextual framework intended to highlight key strengths and unique employer differentiators that will act as the creative foundation for the new employer brand.

Buyer conducted online surveys, focus groups and intake meetings with senior leadership, managers and high-performing employees in select cafes, to get detailed, in-store employee feedback and documented the research in a written analysis for the client.

“Our particular challenge was compounded by the fact that we also lacked a consumer identity. As an added benefit, the employer brand research also helped us shape our consumer brand development,” observed Bryan Oglesby, PR Management’s VP of HR. “By creating a corporate brand that complemented the new employer brand, we were able to solve two problems in a very seamless way,” noted Jeff McEvoy, Sr. Account Director at Buyer.

With senior leadership’s approval of the new consumer and employer brand, PR Management officially launched their new corporate identity with a new corporate site, as well as an optimized career website.

A Fully Optimized Job Search Platform with Full Source Analytics
The career site,, was built using Buyer’s proprietary software as a service (SaaS) platform, Talent Engine. In addition to promoting the new employer brand and detailed career advantages which were showcased in a series of new videos, the new site optimized all job related content in order to boost organic search result traffic from Google and the new Google For Jobs platform.

More importantly, Talent Engine provided powerful, auto-capture source analytics, allowing Buyer the ability to proactively manage and optimize PR Management’s media spend based on true source ROI, ultimately driving more qualified candidates at a lower cost per hire.

“By utilizing Buyer’s auto-capture source analytics and programmatic job management, which optimizes and tracks a candidate’s path from the source all the way to the hiring stage, we moved from a post-and-pray model to a proactive recruitment strategy. We immediately eliminated under performing media and have saved thousands of dollars in the process,” said Oglesby.
PR Management Today
In less than one year, PR Management has gone from having no formal employment identity to gaining a compelling employer brand, new optimized career site and a proactive, recruitment strategy based on ROI. Not only that, but the company saw the number of job applicants increase by an impressive 92% in less than one year.
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