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Aveanna is committed to the safety of our patients, families and employees as we navigate through COVID-19.

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Recruiting has moved from a presentation to a conversation.

Recruiting is about building relationships with candidates through story telling and outreach. Successful staffing organizations cultivate conversations with candidates that over time, pay off with high-quality hires. Buyer can help you create and manage stimulating content that keeps candidates engaged and the technology to simplify the process.

In addition, our interactive specialists separate the digital fads from the solutions with real value. We won’t rush you into a digital product just because it’s new. We continually develop better ways of using technology to make sure our clients stay competitive.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • AI Powered Conversation Recruiting
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Programmatic Media
  • Talent Networks/CRM
  • Content/Social Strategies
  • Source Analytics

Take Control of your Employer Brand

If you’re not actively managing your employer brand, today’s job seekers will define it for you – posted online for the world to see. We are your single source to define, create and activate your Employer Brand.

Our Industry Leading Talent Marketing Solution.

Our search engine optimized hiring platform empowers recruiters with a smarter way to attract, engage and track candidates through the hiring process - backed by a team of industry leaders with a passion for customer service.

Media Buying & Market Research

We zero in on your target audience, minimize waste and optimize results in real-time. Our media planners are vigilant in evaluating the latest digital options while never losing site of the value of traditional media.

Search & Employ

Buyer Search & Employ, a division of Buyer and JBE Staffing, specialists in human capital acquisition and consulting, together bring more than 65 years of sourcing experience to help you achieve your hiring goals. Our recruiting professionals take the time to understand your business, your value as an employer, and your long-term staffing goals.

No matter the time constraints, industry background or experience level you seek, our suite of staffing services is designed to deliver HIGHER QUALITY candidates to you FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY.

We make your life easier with Specialty HR Services.

Many of the services we provide today are the result of our efforts to go above and beyond for our clients. Our service team has grown accustomed to providing unique solutions that range from the simple to the elaborate. In addition to Media Buying, our research capabilities include:

  • Event Coordination
  • University Relations
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Alumni Programs